What is the ClickFunnels Webinar Page?

A Webinar page in ClickFunnels is where you can set up a webinar funnel. A Webinar is basically a video session where you hold a live (or automated) presentation that convinces your prospects to get to know you, like you, and buy from you.

To set up a Webinar Page, go to the funnel that you want to set up the webinar for. Then, select webinar from the menu. You will see three options: Registration, Thank You and Broadcast Room.

The Registration Page is the first part of the webinar to capture your lead’s information so that you know they’re interested in your webinar and plan to attend.

Next is the Webinar Confirmation page, which confirms the date and time of the webinar, and presents the lead with their Access Link.

The Broadcast Room is the last part of the webinar funnel, which is where you will broadcast your live webinar. You can pick one of many webinar hosting sites available to host your webinar. Alternatively, many people automate their webinar by playing an ever-green webinar that can be hosted on YouTube or Wistia.

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