Connect Your GoDaddy Domain to Clickfunnels

If you have a domain registered in GoDaddy and want to use that domain exclusively in ClickFunnels, this will teach you how.

What you will need

Step 1. Create Your CNAME Record

Note: this article is intended to teach you how to connect your main domain. If you create a CNAME record as shown here for “www” your main website will ONLY point to ClickFunnels. If you have an existing website at this destination you wish to keep, it is recommended you setup a subdomain instead. Image shows setup both with and without an existing WWW record. If you edit your existing record, you will not need to add one. If you don’t have an existing WWW record, you will add one instead.
  • Sign into your GoDaddy Account.
  • Select your Domain’s DNS settings.
  • If a CNAME with the name WWW exists, edit the target to
  • If it does not, click Add at the bottom right.
  • Select CNAME.
  • Enter WWW into the Name input.
  • Enter as the value.

Step 2. Add a Forwarding Rule In GoDaddy

Note: DNS servers can sometimes take up to 48 hours to update your CNAME record. When proceeding with Step Three, make sure to check on your DNS propagation as explained there to confirm the record is live.
  • Without leaving that screen, scroll down to your Forwarding Settings area
  • Select https://.
  • Enter (replace YOURDOMAIN with your actual domain name).
  • Select Permanent (301).
  • Select Forward Only.
  • Select “Update my Nameservers and DNS settings.”
  • Press Save.


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