Funnel Builder Levels

In this article, we will discuss the various 16 levels of the Funnel Builder Levels.

Why You Need this

Every time you log into your Click Funnels account we evaluate your business. We have created a points system based on how you manage and build your Click Funnels business. The more you use your Click Funnels account to conduct your business the more points you will receive.

What you will need

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Step 1 Funnel Builder Levels Overview

  • From inside your Click Funnels account inside your dashboard, you’ll notice on the left-hand side your picture and the type of funnel Builder you are at this present moment. Presently there are more than 16 different levels to achieve here inside of Click Funnels.
  • Neophyte Level 1 – this is the level everyone starts with the new dashboard inside of your account. You will need more than 3 points accumulated to achieve the next level.
  • Tenderfoot Level 2 – is the next level above Neophyte. To achieve the next level, you will need more than 5 points.
  • Daydreamer Level 3 –  this is two levels above the beginner level. To advance to the next level, you will need more than 10 points.
  • Wanderer Level 4 – Congratulations you have achieved more than 20 points at this level to complete the next ranking, you need to accumulate seven more points or 27 points in total.
  • Journeyman Level 5 – You’re getting pretty serious you starting to build funnels you understand the process you’ve accumulated more than 27 points. To reach the next level, you’ll need more than 23 points cumulative.
  • Apprentice Level 6- Full steam ahead you are now learning as an apprentice building funnels. At this level, you’ve accumulated more than 40 points. Keep on going funnel hacker 20 more points total points to your next ranking.
  • Practiced Level 7 – You are now considered a practitioner you have mastered the art at the practice level. You have accumulated more than 60 points at this stage of the game. Keep on practicing 30 more points to the next level.
  • Skilled Level 8 – At this level, you are very experienced at building funnels. You have accumulated more than 90 points. You’ll need 30 or more points to reach the next ranking.
  • Fabled Level 9 – You are now becoming a myth within the Click Funnels world. Maybe even a legendary character of sorts. You have accumulated at this stage of the game 120 points. Another 30 points to reach the next ranking.
  • Renowned Level 10 – At this level, people are starting to know your name. Your building funnels and you’re beginning to understand how to master the art of funnel building. You’ve accumulated 150 points, 50 more points for the next ranking.
  • Infallible Level 11- You are now crushing it in the world a funnel building. There is no funnel that you cannot build at this level. Yoda once said there is no try to do. You have mastered The Art of Doing It.
  • Indisputable Level 12 – In the boxing World, they would pay you Millions for your ability to build funnels like this. Keep on going champ you’ve accumulated 250 points at this level. You’ll need 150 points to reach the next ranking. There’s an old saying the tough get more stringent, keep on building champ!
  • Winning Level 13 – There was a famous song called All I Do Is Win. Well, my friend at this level you’re winning, and you keep on winning. Congratulations you have accumulated a whopping 400 points at this stage of the game. Time to dig in though don’t get complacent the next level is 150 points away.
  • Unstoppable Level 14 – Imagine a freight train with tons of cargo roaring down the rail line with the squirrel as your engineer. You’re almost there my friend Keep Ongoing you’re unstoppable now. With more than 550 points at this level. The next level is 150 points away. Don’t worry you’re almost becoming legendary.
  • Legendary Level 15 – You are now considered to be a celebrity in the Click Funnels world. Pat yourself on the back job well done! You’ve accumulated more than 700 points at the state of the game of building funnels. Keep on going you only need 300 more points to be considered. Well, you’ll have to see.
  • god-like Level 16 – you have reached the Apex, could you be considered to people in the Click Funnels world as Godfather. Congratulations you are up there with Thanos and Russell Brunson himself!

Step 2 The Experience Base Points

Every time you log-in we are evaluating the number funnels, email campaigns, email broadcast, referred Affiliates, and so many other aspects of your Click Funnels business. Here’s a breakdown on how you can accumulate points using the Click Funnels system.

  • For each funnel you build you earn 10 points
  • Contact profile set yours up and collect you earn 1 Point
  • For every purchase transaction from your funnels, you gain 3 points
  • For every action funnel that you build, you gained 15 points
  • For every email campaign that you develop you earn 5 Points
  • For every broadcast campaign, you build you make 5 Points
  • For every referred affiliate you get 5 Points

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