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What is a ClickFunnels Optin Page?

The opt-in page in ClickFunnels is the key to getting data from your prospects, and turning them into leads.

To create an optin page, select “add a new step” and give the step a name. From the menu, select optin. From the ClickFunnels Optin page templates, choose the page that best fits your needs.

Once your template has loaded, you need to integrate the template with your email autoresponder. To do this, select Settings, and then select Integrations. Under Integrations, select your autoresponder. Select either “integrate existing form” or “use the HTML form.”

Select the appropriate list where you want your email contacts to be stored. You will have to create this list in your autoresponder, so make sure you do this first, and then come back to ClickFunnels to connect that list with your optin page.

Once complete, select Save from the menu bar.

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